Wig Division




To reach as many people as possible through Medical Wigs, Wigs and Hairstyles whilst providing Beauty, Joy and Peace of Mind.




1)We are committed to professionalism, sensitivity and action 

We will provide valuable time to each customer in a friendly manner



2) We are committed to fast and efficient consultation, hair design and beauty treatment

We shall seek solutions to our customersʼ hair problems while providing satisfaction that 

exceeds their expectations in the shortest time possible. 



3) We are committed to designing exciting, quality Hairstyles. 

We will provide beautiful hairstyles that best complement the characteristics of our customers, 

enabling them to enjoy a better everyday life.



4) Teamwork

We are committed to maximizing value for our customers by combining the strengths of each 

of our staff members.



5) Staff Members Personal Growth

We are committed to improving our offering by developing individually through our response 

to the feedback of our customers



6) Quality, Speed and Flexible Pricing

We are committed to delivering value to our customers around the world by improving and 

developing our Hair Design Technique, Customer Service and Products.


7) Contribution to Society

We are committed to making a contribution to society by expanding our business network one 

customer at a time



The direction we are heading: 



Everything according to the needs of our customers and society

What can we do?

Are we able to make sincere proposals?

Are we able to do as much as possible?

To work altruistically for the benefit of ourselves, our staff, our company and our society




Sincere and dedicated attitude

Live every day, hour and minute to the fullest

Improve our hair design technique, customer service and products even by just a little

Make daily efforts to contribute to society.

Being conscious of the need to work sincerely and earnestly every single day.




The power to create bigger, faster and better through altruism and integrity

The power to solve, improve and bring to fruition

Empathy, Knowledge, Sharpness, Sharing, Intuition, Analysis, Ideas, Judgements, Actions…

Determining each personʼs potential and striving towards achieving it

Continuing to study and produce great results with a principal-centered work ethic